Our Story

Maya Rain Jewelry was founded in 2021 as a charm concept with the intention to tell personal narratives through fashion and jewelry. Handmade in New York and held to the highest standards of design, each charm and chain is personally conceived and thoughtfully crafted. Charms are symbols of our lives—they mark milestones, remind you of someone you love, and bring you luck. Maya Rain gives you a way to collect these symbols and carry them with you wherever you go, so that you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve, or around your neck, or dangling from your wrist. It is jewelry which makes the intangible, tangible. Our pieces are for the sentimental, the nostalgic, and the fun. They are inspired by the classically vintage, the newly edgy, the stunningly cool, and the memory box you have kept under your bed since you were 12. Maya Rain creates jewelry that embodies the power of the modern individual to further the art of fashion. Author whatever story you want—each necklace, each bracelet, and each charm tells one that is beautiful and uniquely its own, just like you.